Saturday, September 10, 2011


We went to three different fairs this year. Maggie is really starting to enjoy the rides. Unfortunately, she is too short to ride most of them by herself, so an adult has to ride with her and Mommy and Daddy hate rides that spin! Luckily, at the Fairbury fair, Aunts Tonee and Dani were there to ride with her! At the state fair, they have an entire area that has rides Maggie could ride by herself, so Mommy only had to ride one and Daddy had to ride one. Maggie just loves the duck game. The first picture is of Maggie at last year's Fairbury fair. Look how much she has grown!

I rode one at the Fairbury fair with the kids called the "Crazy Bus" and when we went to the state fair with Aunt Emily and Uncle Tyler, Maggie was still talking about it. She rode several rides, then we ate, played some games, and walked around the rest of the fair. When we walked by the bus ride, Maggie yelled out "There it is! We found it!" as if we had been looking for it the whole time. So, Chris bought some more tickets and I got to ride on the bus one more time!

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