Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Allergies already

In the middle of May, Maggie started itching her right eye a lot one day. The next day, we noticed a bump on her right eye and that she was starting to rub her left eye too. We called her doctor, who prescribed some eye drops for Maggie in case it was pink eye. We were going to the doctor that week on Friday anyway. A few days after we started giving Maggie the eye drops, she woke up with both eyes swollen shut and fluid around her right eye. I was panicked, but luckily Maggie was super calm. We had been giving her Benadryl already, which was definitely helping her. Chris and I took her to the ER, where we discovered that she is allergic to Sulfa, which was in the eye drops that we were giving her. I felt so bad! I am so happy that she was so calm throughout the whole thing. But, I'm afraid she's going to visit the ER one a year at the rate we are going!!

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